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In  a few weeks time on the 7th of Feb , its time for ramp it up the red for the British Heart Foundation.08bd0d3bde63a764ade4524047a2a3ac

As someone with a heart condition myself I have some idea of how valuable your support means.

It means the latest technology so that heart conditions can be detected sooner , its an hour a specially trained nurse can spend with you when you just need a chat when you have just discovered you need to have a heart operation.

With my little bear having to go through a heart op himself soon I really hope this year we all pull out the stops.


Mollie king from the Saturdays is a huge supporter of the ramp up the red campaign and hears why.

Mollie explains, “I’m so excited to be supporting the BHF on 7 February by Ramping up the Red and joining the fight against the UK’s single biggest killer, coronary heart disease.

“By organising a Ramp up the Red party with friends, families and colleagues, you will be raising funds that will go directly towards vital research, support and care to help mums, dads, grandparents or babies born with heart problems.

“It’s so easy to organise and you’ll be helping the BHF to continue to fund life-saving heart research in the UK to help everybody who suffers from a heart problem. It is a cause that is particularly important to me, as my grandfather sadly passed away after suffering a heart attack when I was younger.” bhf website

You can have as much fun as you like from just doing red accessories or full on all in red – its for a good cause so why not give it a go.


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  1. They are doing this in work the 7th/8th Feb, I’ll be away but I’ll make sure someone puts a donation in for me. BHF are an amazing cause and I think it needed something for a little bit of hype about it. xx

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