When you have one of those weeks !

You know when you have one of those weeks where everything seems to go wrong – well this has been one of them.

We currently have two properties , the one we live in , our old house which we thought we had sold after it been on the market for 10 months we finally had an offer 3 weeks after we moved into the home we are in now. We were over the moon and delighted to have finally sold our old  house.

On Tuesdays we got a phone call from the estate agent saying the house sale had fallen through and well disappointed doesn’t even cut it. Paying two mortgages for the past 3/4 months has been very hard and with Christmas well ….. so things have been a bit tight no treats for any of us not even a costa coffee ( my favourite weekly treat) On a plus we have had 2 viewings already and an offer 🙂

So on to the rest of the week. On Friday our little bear had a check up at Birmingham children’s Hospital. I know we live in Cheshire but well its a long story and our little bear ended up being born in Birmingham woman’s hospital.

He was born with a duct open in his heart which normally closes during birth, they said with time it might close – but well it hasn’t 🙁 It wont cause him any problems for now but it needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. So my little boy will undergo hear surgery at the same hospital as me when I was a child, this comforts me and scares me as I had a huge stroke when I was 10 during an operation.

As a Mums we blame our selves for everything – the never ending mum guilt that we all feel . At this moment in time I feel a huge amount of guilt , but, if it wasn’t for my heart history we may never have found out about this ( as bear was scanned at birth)

All we can do is hope and pray that our little bear is looked after when he has his operation.



8 thoughts on “When you have one of those weeks !

  1. Hello Cheshirewife, what a scary time for you, it’s amazing what can be done, as you must know after what you’ve been through yourself, but It’s so much harder to see our children go through it. x

  2. Bless you. My son had surgery on his ears recently, and it was a very minor, routine operation, but I felt terrible for putting him through it. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to watch your little one go through heart surgery. When my littlest was born, they said he may have to have heart surgery for the same reason as yours. But luckily his hole closed, and all was well.

    I will keep your family in my thoughts.

  3. Ah mate, I didn’t realise that the sale had fallen through completely, I knew you’d had a few problems. 🙁

    Really hope the house sells soon and will be keeping everything crossed for you and Bear. Xx

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