The fitness bug

Yes the fitness bug has took a grip in our house. Its NOT me its H. He’s realised after Christmas and new year and one too many takeaways, some thing had to change.

So we dug out the exercise bike from the garage and so its begun. But H been H didn’t own a tshirt let alone a pair of sorts or tracksuit bottoms to exercise in.

I did a degree in sport science and personal training so I know how important it is to feel the part when exercising. So it was off to a trip to and boy its was hard work , see H is a man who always and I mean always wears a shirt , tie  & trousers. and he looks pretty darn cute but sports where is just not his bag and we had fun trying to kit him out.

This post was brought to you in association with JDsports we received a football shirt in return for this post.

The weight loss is steady and he has another 2 stone to reach his target weight before his birthday in June.

10 thoughts on “The fitness bug

  1. This will be me in several months time desperately trying to claw back something that resembles a figure!! Not looking forward to it! Good luck to him though 🙂

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