A romantic meal for 3

This is my all time favourite recipe and its one that brings back some very happy memories.

It is the first meal The Cheshire husband cooked for me.  As I’m no cook or chef I was so relived when the Cheshire husband could cook and this meal is full of flavour and taste. That’s our deal he cooks and I clean.

With the Cheshire husband working longer hours I’ve had to step up. This is such a simple meal and quite cheep too. IMG_1412

2 salmon fillets , 4 carrots 6 potatoes , 1 lemon , broccoli , 2 sweet potatoes , wine and now for the good bits the spices.

We always use  Schwartz bay leaves , mace and mixed herbs.

1 place the salmon in a dish and 1/2 cover with wine . Cover with a dash of mace slice a lemon in half and save half for later – slice 2 bits of lemon and place on top then take 2 bay leaves and place on top.


2 take the veg chop and dice and boil for 10 minuets.  Once boiled place on a heated tray with olive oil and dash of mixed spice and cook for 30 – 40 mins at 220c

3 When the veg has been in for 20 minutes its time to put the salmon in the oven.



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