Home sense Solihull

Today I was invited to a store opening – a new http://www.homesense.com/ store in Solihull , Birmingham.


Having moved home 6 months ago I was really excited by this wonderful opportunity. Having a new home, means lots of scope for new stuff 🙂 But as money has been really tight . Having two mortgages and three houses to look after, my new home plans have been on hold. Things are finally looking up for us and so the shopping commences.

Home sense is ran by the people who own TK maxx and you can tell the prices are amazing. I think the whole of the town decided to come down to the opening because it was so busy.


The store its self is well laid out in to sections bath , cushions , they even had a dog section.  Then each section is set in to colours. It was well laid out and lots of space for pushchairs and wheel chairs.

We were given a £30 gift voucher to say thank you for coming and this is what I got. A beautiful oral keily note book, a set of new tea towels and a beautiful bright and funky table cl oth. Not the most exciting but very practical.


This Cheshire wife be spending lots more time in our local home sense store. I cant wait to get my home looking beautiful & organised.


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