We have a date

Yesterday we got some post .

We have a date for our bears heart operation.

I’m working myself in to a right state of worry – I know I shouldn’t.

But my son Is having a heart operation, I myself have had 6 heart operations 2 as a child and 4 as an adult

I’m dreading signing the form. singing my sons life into  the hands of a surgeon who has done this op a thousand times before and could probably do it with his eyes closed. ( lets hope he doesn’t ) I can now only feel the same way my parents did 28 years ago.

18 days to go the 25th of March.

We don’t want to spoil him but we want to make every day full of special things.

So we have a date ……. and I’m scared and feel helpless.



6 thoughts on “We have a date

  1. Oh Emma, I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. I’m sure he will be in excellent hands and home again, fighting fit in no time. I’ll be thinking of you on the 25th xxx

  2. I hope the surgery goes well, I remember doing similar for my son but for day surgery. Its scary signing a child over like that but also knowing it needs to be done makes it seem right. He’ll be in perfectly safe hands xx

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