Dear Nuresry worker

Dear nursery worker

Today is the first day of many you will  look after my son , by bear, my baby & my life.

After 3 years I’m letting him go and into a nursery for the first time.

My bear is a fussy little sole who likes to eat his bananas whole and his apples chopped up.

He is behind with his speech but please be patient with him. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4.

He hates having his shoes  off and getting his hands dirty. I cant wait until he comes running to me with a hand print picture but I know this will take time I hope you do too.

Today is the first of many I will leave my son with you and I’m sure I’ll shed a few tears as I leave him playing happily behind but please just let me go and look after him.

Not only my son , he is my life so please look after him

A worried loving mum.

3 thoughts on “Dear Nuresry worker

  1. Lovely post hun x as a nursery teacher myself we work hard at ensuring the children settle in well no matter how long that takes 🙂 im sure he will be fine xxxx

  2. Beautiful post which made me both smile & pull a sad face! Remember sending Oli, felt like I lost my left leg. Though that soon faded as he came bouncing home with handprints for me. Doesn’t make the thought of sending Dylan any easier though! X

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