changing times

So over the past few months our little bear really has blossomed .

In April bear stated nursery and he has grown and changed so much – both physically and within himself.

After his heart op at the end of march he has just grown and grown and put on almost 2 kg in weight and grown almost 5cm.

We have gone from a cot to a bed – which were so lucky , he has always been a good sleeper and I was so worried about this change but he just took it in his stride and didn’t bother him at all.


The dummy fairy has been and we had a few sleepless nights but again we didn’t really have any issues .

His speech is developing at an astonishing rate after months of worry he is now talking in sentences. His speech is no where near a 3 year old leval but he’s getting there.

Then there is the last little hurdle the dreaded toilet training. Which is proving to be my nemesis, he just says no. As much as we try and get him to wear big boy pants ………. but after the past few months of huge steps we have decided to wait until he is ready.

my little baby is growing up to fast someone please find me a pause button.

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