may i introduce my new friend

ok its not quite my new friend but its the next best thing , its my beautiful Dyson cool AM06 fan.  We were given the fan at the start of June.


With the uk summers not been know for sun and shine we thought it would just stay in the box  This summer however has been absolutely amazing with lots of sunshine and my worst nightmare humidity. Even in Cheshire I hear you cry , oh yes its been a beautiful summer.

Poor bear doesn’t like the heat, especially at night , he gets really sweaty and wakes up lots. This is where the Dyson fan comes into its own. As its so quite its perfect for bears room. It also has an amazing little controller that has a timer. Which is perfect for keeping H quite because  he does tend to moan about the electricity bill.


The remote is a genius idea that saves your legs it controls the power of the fan , the osculation and the timer.

The Dyson cool AM06 is a fancy bit of kit the air just flows smoothly with no choppy air just flowing coolness that is just bliss on a hot night. the AM06  fan uses bladeless  technology which means that it is 35 % quitter than the AM01 bladeless fan which was quite enough ! The AM06 isn’t quite silent but you wouldn’t know it was on unless you knew it was – if you know what I mean.

The fan of old days was noisy and the old electricity meter would go round faster than Mo Farah on  a roundabout…and the noise would drive me nuts. Which meant that the fan was a no go at night time. As I said the AM06  has a little remote control which means you can leave the AM06 on and not have to worry about leaving on.

This is an office fan but I think it would look stunning anywhere , when we get our office sorted out, this will take pride of place on our desk. For now it will take pride of place in our living room.

Not only is the AM06  a stunning bit of kit its nice and safe too how many fans can you let your children do this ?

The only down side to the AM06 is the price , at £220 its a little steep but if your after style and efficiency then this is your fan.

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