We have an announcement

No its not that kind of announcement


– I’m not pregnant but I bet I had you going….

We have our first ever allotment and were super excited about our little plot of land – in fact its a 1/4 plot but its bigger enough for us.

Hear it is our expanding empire our little bit of extra land to grow our own fruit and veg, our little getaway from reality.

photo 2 (1)

We know its going to take a lot of hard work as the previous owners didn’t look after it at all and as you can see our neighbour has dumped some rubbish on our land . But hopefully we get the keys this weekend and we cant wait to get started. We have to get it cleared and beds laid out before January which is when we have to plant our seeds for the autumn crops.

The allotment is a 5 minuet walk from our home and me and bear took our first wonder down there yesterday. Well he wasn’t very impressed at all but then again neither am I lol but I know what’s to come and what we are hopefully going to grow. I guess bear doesn’t get growing yet but I’m sure our little allotment will help him understand and enjoy growing.

So why get an allotment I hear you cry ? Well we quite like our garden and its a nice size with borders round the side and a lovely decking area by the patio doors and nice seating area at the back of the garage. We like our garden just as it is and didn’t really want to (I hate to say this ) clutter it up and dig it up to put a veg patch in. With the price of fruit and veg going thought the roof and with the scene of achievement it will give us we really cant wait to get started.

So do any of my readers have an allotment or veg patch – do you have any hits or tips for the clean handed – not green fingered Cheshire wife ??


12 thoughts on “We have an announcement

  1. I love the idea of an allotment! We have too many trees in our garden to have a veggie plot (far too shaded) so we’d love a bright sunny spot to grow our own 🙂

  2. My mum & dad had a veg patch when I was growing up. It was fab picking fresh veg. Apparently you can’t grow potatoes in the same spot consecutive years, does something to the soil apparently so you have to move the spot. Hope you all have lots of fun xx

  3. You’ll have great family fun Emma, & so good for your little one to see how things grow. Good luck & I look forward to seeing your produce in the future.
    Lorraine x

  4. You had me going there! It looks like hard work but will all be worth it in the end. A few of my friends have them and I benefit from living nearby, so get the surplus veggies! Cougettes, beans and lettuce seem to go down well, apparently beetroot is easy to grow x

  5. Wow this looks great. I know people who have allotments and they say it is so relaxing – hard work, but a complete getaway from everything. I hope that it brings you lots of ‘you time’ oh and lovely veg! xxx

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