Not blogging !

the Cheshire wife
the Cheshire wife

The past month or so have been a little stressful and it doesn’t set to end.

I’ve busy attending blogging events , going on holiday and spending some quality time with the Cheshire husband. Which has been amazing but now its time to blog. Its been driving me crazy jus not having the time so sit and write.

We also celebrated been in our house for a year – we love living here and we have some big plans to come but that’s for another blog post or three oh I have so many plans I could blog about that forever and a day but that will have to wait.

I’ve also been having some physiotherapy on my left shoulder which has been driving me nuts with pain for years so I’ve bitten the bullet and gone to get some help. I’m quite stubborn when it comes to looking after myself I tend to ignore until I just cant take it anymore.


But I guess that’s enough from me and to crack on with some reviews before I pick up bear from pre school – 6 hours just is not enough time lol

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