bluestones day 1/5

   A few weeks age we were invted to blustones wales which we have been to before – when I say me I mean me bear and my mum as hubs was studying for a course and didn’t have time to come.

This time my poor husband cant make it again 🙁 he started a new job in October and hasn’t acrewed enough holidays so this time I invited my dad to come with me. I’m really gutted as I know been from wales he would love it hear, and im missing him like crazy but when your asked to review a holiday, you just cant turn it down. Its also a chance for bear and my dad to do some bonding.

Coming from south Cheshire its a long drive with a toddler in tow ( 240 miles which took 5 and half hours ) but driving in the beautiful welsh countryside kinda made up for it. We arrived very tired and weary, I managed to get some snaps of the beautiful little bungalow that overlooks the lake. There is so much to do and not enough time to do it.

bluestones IMG_2982






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