bluestones day 2/5

Today has been a real struggle for me , after another night of not sleeping from bear- well when I say not sleeping I mean waking up at 11 , 1 ,3 ,5, and then been wide awake at 7 am for the past two weeks. I’m at breaking point I’m the kinda girl who loves to sleep. I can do 12 hours straight and then have an afternoon kip.


Anyways plans to go to the Tenby were scuppered cus I was just to tired to drive so , we had a lazy day on site.

When I say lazy we planned to tire bear out so lots of walking , which is something he’s just not used to doing. The site its self its just huge and covers 100’s of acres, but I recon we walked about a mile which when you consider how steep it is it really takes a toll on you.  IMG_2993 IMG_2988 IMG_2997

We walked down to the village and up to the swimming baths and boy how I wished we had hired a golf buggy. But at £69 for 5 days  what’s really 3 days ( when u arrive at 4.30pm on Monday and have to vacate your room at 10 on Friday) seems a bit steep to me and my dad is super tight and there is no way he would pay that much lol.

We arrived back at 12 so it was lunch time and the kitchen is well laid out and just about has everything you need to cook a decent meal. Once again my dad is a super scrimper and would not pay for a meal out. lol

Then after lunch my dad had  a sleep which I was most envois of , considering my past two weeks but hey he is 72 and no spring chicken. He then tried to take bear out for a walk but bear said no – hes also been super clingy to me…..      so me and bear stayed in the chalet and watched a bit of cbeebies and took some photos with his new toy.



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