bluestones day 4/5

DSCN1329 (2)    Today is our last full day at bluestone and I’m really missing my husband and cant wait to get home. So we decided to enjoy our last day with a trip up to the blue lagoon and bear has really taken to swimming and we cant wait to start going o his days of preschool. Once again it was amazing bear loved the outdoor rapids.

disaster struck just as we were leaving. When Turning the corner he slipped and fell catching his face on the bottom of a locker :(It really shook him (and me) Up , but the first aid life guards were amazing and responded quickly giving him an ice pack to sooth his swollen check. Once he had calmed down he had some chips in the café- a real treat. It put a huge smile on his face.

After we got back we had some more lunch and then we went for a walk and took some beautiful photos

DSCN1329 (2)


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