my first car

220px-Polo_2_a_h_sstmy first car was  a red vw polo.

I was a late starter to the driving game compared to my peers. I started driving lessons when I was 17 but I got hit by a car speeding with no lights on ( in the dark ) and well It knocked my confidence in driving and I stopped- even though id paid for a block of 10 I just couldn’t do it but after years of catching buses and then getting myself a little moped and the coldest ever winter( going work at 7am) Id had enough.

Id worked all summer at a scout camp in America in 2002 and this gave me a huge savings pot so as soon as I got home I 1st checked out the insurance costs eeekkk so my first car was an old E reg red polo a few months later I got the car in April. My poor dad even took me for some driving lessons in my first car.

I passed my test on Friday 13th so its not unlucky for some at all.

oh the happy memories I have in my first car. It gave me such freedom, been quite ill I couldn’t walk far, with out getting tired. So my first car gave me a whole new life. Alas the head gasket blew which cost a fortune to replace, so my baby had to go. I really loved that car and  would love to know what happened to it but im guessing it was sold for scarp.

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