Real Housewifes of Cheshire

cheshire arms So today sees the start of the “real” house wifes of Cheshire and the previews have made me giggle so much. Now either I’m mixing in with the wrong set of friends or these ladies are living in a fantasy world with there mansions and 5 sports cars. We live in  a 3 bed 1950s semi and I drive a Mini Countryman.

Slight difference in the way we run our life’s too. They run around planning events and meals out, my social life is none existent and revolves around my bear. The closest thing ive ever got to meeting a footballer is meeting a FA Referee who was on our NCT course.

They spend hundred’s of pounds getting there hair and nails done every week , where as me I’m lucky If I spend £50 every 3 months , not saying they don’t look stunning and beautiful, cus wow they look amazing. I couldn’t justify spending that amount of cash on myself.

OH how I would love to swap for a day or two and be pampered and drove around in a Bentley or drive around in a landrover evoque  . Somehow I don’t think they would enjoy my life quite as much – the cooking ,  the dishes , the washing , the pre school run in the rain , the hovering the cleaning oh you get the drift – yes the normal stuff that real Cheshire wife’s do.

Im just a normal Cheshire wife who’s husband works hard. Yes I’m a stay at home mum / housewife but my life is way more real than theirs. Somehow I don’t think a camera crewe would find my life very interesting or exciting.



6 thoughts on “Real Housewifes of Cheshire

  1. Let me guess, they’re in Knutsford? Although Budgens there is full of old people (although posh) so maybe not.
    Would love to watch it though – I do love trashy programmes like that

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