But your always so smiley

Yes I am, I am and ill give anyone a smile as I pass you by in the street. Ill help you move house., ill watch you house while you go on holiday. Ill look after your children while you go on a date night. I’ll do anything for  anyone, because  that’s the kind and nice person my parents brought me up to be.

Then I ask you round for a coffee or a tea and your to busy, now I know how busy your life is you have children in your life like me. As a stay at home mum you think I have it easy with loads of time on my hands with lunch dates filling my diary to the brim well no its the complete opposite its so lonely been a stay at home mum. For months no years i’ve been desperate to get out the house for an hour or two with an adult conversation.

 Am I such a bad person that im no longer deemed good enough to be your friend. If your that friend you will post a nasty comment or two on my blog 🙁

I know I’m different and far from perfect but, I’m a good person who will be there for you , no matter how badly you treat me because I am YOUR friend can you say the same ?

Last week I saw a friend on facebook ( a blogging friend I’ve only met once ) say she how she was really looking forward to the Easter holidays catching up with her friends been a stay at home mum her self. I suddenly realised I have no friends not a one. I have people I know though blogging who ignore me at events and think I’m a drunk or stupid , I have old friends who have chosen to eliminate me from there life. I’m really hoping I make some new mummy friends when bear starts school.


Everyone needs friends – don’t they?

5 thoughts on “But your always so smiley

  1. Yes we do. I find making friends very tough. That’s partly why I like working, it creates a ready made social life. Have you tried the meet ups bit in net mums – I haven’t made any friends via school – too scared of all the school gate mummies!! Good luck xx

  2. I don’t have kids but have a friend that is a stay at home mum and I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for you. Being a mum is a full time job that some do not understand. I am looking forward to having kids but its gonna be a lot of work on top of work!

    I really don’t get bloggers that are so friendly when behind the computer screen and completely different when meeting face to face! Craziness!

    Great blog btw! 🙂 x

  3. I’ll speak to you at any blogging event! I don’t remember having any friends before my girls started school, so I do think you can look forward to that time. Just talk to anyone and everyone and throw yourself into it! x

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