A breath of fresh air

We all know that exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle , I’m sure we would all like to go to the gym and sped a fortune on a PT or classes. But for me getting out and getting back nature is the best way to go about getting fit.

May years ago I was a cub scout leader and a Queen scout, I really miss these days of getting out and just getting some fresh air. Earlier in the year we purchased a land rover. Not a new one but an old pre loved one and we love it. Its perfect for just chucking our boots bikes and eventually a tent

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I’m working on getting H to stay in a tent as the only camping he’s only every been festival camping and well that’s not quite the same- although ive never actually been to a festival.


Anyway hear is my camping wish list- we have no kit at all

So lets start with clothing / shoes

I love the selection of running shoes available at cotsworld outdoors , not that ill be doing any running but hey from what I remember they always lasted the longest.


Then there is the tent now see I would love a big bell tent which I can dress up with bunting and blankets – oh how I dream – but H is swaying more towards a more traditional tunnel tent. Guess which is cheaper ? lol

We may have a long time before we go camping but I’m really looking forward to shopping for all the kit.

this post was done in collaboration with Cotswold outdoor.

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