more drinks – yes please

Going to a blogging event such as Blog On MOSI can be thirsty work, all that chatting with old friends and making new friends. During one of the breaks I was having a nosey around the stands and started chatting into the lovely ladies from More Drinks. I was driving and so couldn’t drink so soft drinks all the way 🙂

The Wednesday after we were on holiday & I received a very exciting email asking me to review some more of there refreshing drinks , I jumped at the chance as getting enough vitamins & minerals is an essential to me as my diet is exactly perfect.
More Drinks have two ranges of water based drinks for adults and children, with larger bottles for adults and the smaller “A Little More” range for children. Each bottle is enhanced with vitamins and minerals (each flavour is different) and it supposed to be great for helping to rehydrate you after exercise or in hot weather, or just whenever. It’s not a sports drink, it’s just a drink.

I was sent –
Still Mango & Passionfruit (vitamin D)
Sparkling Blackcurrant & Blueberry (vitamin A)
Still Cranberry & Pomegranate (minerals)
Sparkling Lemon & Lime (multivitamins)
Still Apple & Raspberry (B vitamins)
Sparkling Orange (vitamin C)
A little More – Apple (multivitamins)
A little More – Mango (vitamin D)

Bear loved the little more apple and it’s good to know he’s getting some extra goodness

We enjoyed them all, obviously we all have our flavour preferences, I’m not keen on mango, but the boy loves it, I prefer fizzy, he prefers still, etc etc. I can’t comment on if the added vitamins had any instant effect, I liked the idea that I was putting something good in my body.

I’m usually a cup of tea kinda girl but in summer it’s nice to have something a little more refreshing. More Drinks are low in calories, usually with under 10 calories per bottle, which is something I look for when I buy these kinds of drinks. I like that it’s not just a bog standard flavoured water. Bear calls them water juice – which I guess been 4 makes sense.

They are available from a range of shops including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado, and sell they for around £1.45 per 500ml bottle. You can find out more about More Drinks on their website.

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