June and July have been a little bit crazy.

Ive been so busy with birthdays , britmums and other blogging events I’ve just not had the time to actually blog – and well its been driving me a little nuts. When  I do get chance to blog I find my self with a messy house and well been a stay at home mum ( not working) the housework always has to come first as Henry works so hard at work and with his MBA due in October he’s spending every spare minute doing work on that.

Bear is due to start school in 6 weeks – this fills me with joy and trepidation. He’s my baby- how can he be starting school in 6 weeks time. His uniform is all purchased his shoe fitting is booked in at Clarks and well I’m just not ready.

But before he starts big school we have 6 weeks of nothingness to enjoy – 6 weeks of lazy mornings and 6 weeks of days out in the rain. For the last week of the holiday we are off camping – well Glamping in Suffolk on the coast – I’m really looking forward to spending some time with Henry and bear before he starts his new adventure.

Lots of happy holiday memories to be made.


But for now I guess its now time to blog.



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