THE Farmhouse Beefeater CREWE

Some times us bloggers get the most exciting things drop into our mailbox and well this one wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but my Hubby Henry was well up for this one.

A few months ago we were asked to review the newly re-opened Beefeater in Crewe. The farmhouse is right on the outskirts of Crewe and is located near to Queens park. Attached to the farmhouse is a Premier Inn  IMG_3283

I’m not a huge meat fan but Henry been your typical bloke loves his stake, so before we went along to the farmhouse Henry had a good look at the website and chose what he wanted , I love technology don’t you ? But me I like to chose what I’m having when we get there – it makes it more fun to me , almost like its part of the going out for a meal process.  The best thing about the beefeaters is there so much to do for bear. lots of colouring in and puzzles and games to play. Bear is no keen on waiting for his food so this was amazing – something to keep him busy.

The food was just amazing Henry had the  18oz Porterhouse which is a big, hefty steak, cut from the bone-in sirloin with marbling to bring out the best of rich, meaty flavours. It was proper melt in your mouth meat cooked to perfection just how he liked it.



I chose the Pulled Pork Stack which was Tender pulled pork piled high with tasty smoky BBQ sauce and chunky slaw. Served with pickled cucumber and chips. It again was just amazing so succulent with a the flavours just exploding in my mouth.




Finally bear had the children’s menu which is a little different you can find the MENU here. He chose carrot sticks  chips and peas( which all have to be separate – its a bear thing ) and for desert he had just plain ice cream. The staff / chef are very accommodating towards fussy children.



The deserts were amazing and I loved the summer milkshakes which were so rich and creamy.


We had a fantastic experience at the farmhouse with its beautiful surroundings ,pleasant décor and family friendly menu it makes for a lovely meal out.

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