#milkdrinkersmilk with cravendale

IMG_5135We love milk in our house. It’s in fact a huge part of our life’s we drink it every day. We all drink at least a pint a day and sometimes more.

Bear has his first thing in the morning , after school and before bedtime. For me and Henry its in a tall glass before bed with ( if we’ve not eaten to much a few biscuits to dunk. Not to mention the milk in tea, coffee and cereals.

But for me you just cant beat a glass of cold crisp  milk, the taste is so refreshing and in my eyes there is nothing more delightful. Even on a cold evening in winter a nice glass of warm milk really can hit the spot and warm you right through.

I’ve always loved milk even as a teen – it was good calories in my eyes and it still is packed with calcium protein and loads of other goodness I put the fact that my teeth are so strong is due to the milk I drink. I think ill be drinking a glass of milk until my last days. I’m so pleased that bear also shares my love for the white stuff.


I’d never tried crevendale but with our local supermarket always has an offer on that it works out the same price as stores own milk so I will defiantly be buying cravendale again.

“This post s an entry for BRITMUMS #milkdrinkersmilk linky challenge linking to the cravendale twitter page.

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