Having fun in the sun with Boots 5 star soltan

So summer is hear and the sun is shining ( well it as at the weekend ) and having had skin cancer myself sun/skin care plays a huge part in our days out and days at home.

I spend a lot of time in the shade in summer in fact we have an even shelter in the garden for sunny days so bear can play safely and rarely I go in the sun, but having  a 5 year old who loves to play out in the sun can be fun a times as all I want to do is wrap him up in cotton wool forever. Saying that we are very lucky that bear loves sunscreen in fact when its sunny he always asks for sun cream and likes to apply it himself. He even takes a bottle to school.

The lovely people over at Boots sent us some UV paint and a fantastic blog template of the Cheshire wife to have a play with and the results were great. He was fascinated to see the colours change and said it was just like magic mummy ( so I got huge brownie points. We explained to  bear that even though you cant see the sun it can damage / change your skin.


Sun fun

We were also sent lots of Soltan sun creams which will be fantastic over the next few months ( fingers crossed for a warm  summer) even some for me which keep the wrinkles at bay.



“All Soltan products have the highest UVA star rating
UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin, causing long term skin damage and premature ageing.
The UVA star rating system shows how much protection a product has, with five stars being the highest level.

Boots have been protecting skin for over 75 years. Since Soltan began in 1939, Boots have been at the forefront of sun protection developments, even introducing the first UVA measurement system in 1992, the Boots Star rating system which later became widely used across the industry and is still used today. They are still continuously improving their range using the latest technology because they are committed to bringing you the best sun protection for your family needs.

They developed sun creams specifically for children tooimageChildren’s skin is more vunerable than adults’, so they need sun protection that’s made just for them, which is why Boots developed Soltan Once Kids range which should last all day at school , which is fantastic as it means I can apply it first thing and not have to go in at lunch to re apply it.

All soltan products have the highest UVA star rating , which is fantastic for someone like me who really doesn’t want to get skin cancer again.

Boots Soltan have got a great learning resource with fun games and info on how to stay protected in the sun- great for little ones and big ones too.

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