7 years together

on this day 7 years ago I met a bloke for a date, at the time I 29 and had been dating for about 3 years, I say dating it was more like disasters.
Any ways I met Henry online dating which at the time was a big scary thing after trying several dating sites , henry winked at me , and after checking out his profile I winked back and the rest as they say is history.

its been an amazing 7 years we have had a baby got married , lost a parent, moved house ( never again ) we got a puppy & henry has changed jobs twice.

We started of on a date at Alton Towers, didn’t know until we arrived but he was terrified of the big scary rides, which I made him go on ha ha. We had an amazing time at alton towers and have some very happy memories of the gardens and rides.  We shared a little kiss before we parted and he called me the day after to arrange another date. it was love at first sight,  7 years later I still love him JUST as much ( even more ) than I did on that first day.

Alton Towers is such a fab place for a first date. There is the scary rides to get your blood pumping. The food – lots of different types of food from restaurants to fast food bars. Walks – in the gardens or just walking around the park – lots of opportunity to chat and laugh. ooo I kinda miss those first date days but I wouldn’t swap it for what we have now,  a strong loving relationship.

love you Henry xx

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