Breaking the silence

Last week I was invited to an event with a difference, it was an event that we do not talk about very often. Inconsistce and yes it’s embarrassing but hey it happens to over a 1/3 of woman at some point in there life. Weather it be down to stress continesss or the other reasons like having children.


Lots of women suffer in silence , but the silence has been broken. It’s the 21st century and we’re all proud grown up women right lets stop this silly taboo about something that lots of us suffer from. there is help out there.

Lots of woman suffer in silence but we can talk about it, remember those pelvic floor exercises we were all given after weve had a baby the ones we never find time to do. With the help of Always Discreet you don’t have to plan toilet stops or take the biggest bag you can find.


I went to see a documentary made by always about the empowerment of woman with Adult incontinence. It really was an amazing documentary, uplifting and shows that woman can do anything with the right help ,. Well the documentary showed us that you can lead normal life. I felt all inspired, if these ladies can talk about it anyone can.

listen to the laides talk about there experiences


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