A new Home – new projects

Since moving home in October we have been on the search for furniture – we have a been on the hunt for furniture that fits our home.

We have a beautiful 1950’s semi in rural Cheshire and we love it but moving from a 1980’s home with hand me down furniture is not the best way to start.

our home
our home

But in a way I love second hand furniture- its no longer loved so I feel the need to take it in and look after it.

We have a second hand sofa from a facebook selling page which was in fab condition.  As we have a toddler we thought a new sofa wouldn’t be the best investment.

We have over the past few months acuried a few projects shall we say !

we have a book case that came with a load of book for £5 – for this I will need my good old dads help – he’s the DIY expert who’s juts good at stuff like this – and this is going to be a big job.


it needs sanding down , the back needs replacing and then a good lick of paint should just about do it.

Then we had two bar stools for our breakfast bar – we didn’t like the modern format of the bar stool . We picked up these old science class stools from an antique market. IMG_1715 IMG_1716 IMG_1717

We love them as they are just the right height for eating off.

Again they need a spray of paint and  I need to get some padding and some beautiful Emma Bridgewater oil cloth to make them just a bit more comfy.


Now that bear is in nursery 3 days a week I have got loads of time on my hands which is just wonderful. So ive got lots of time for blogging and I can at last find my inner craft queen !


I cant wait to share  my projects with you.

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