Colic Help

Its a long time since bear was a new born, 3 years have now passed and boy they have been a fun three years. As a new born was always so happy and never had colic. Before bear was born we went to NCT classes and there we met bears first friends. One of them was always unhappy always grizzly if you get what I mean. The poor duck just couldn’t get comfy and well the poor mum was distraught. With no one to turn to for help because her GP would say ahhh its just colic – it will pass. On average new first time mums go to the GP 16 times in a babies  first year with there top concern been colic

Now there is a virtual Colic clinic APP launched by infacol. which is Brittan’s number one selling remedy. Its a revolution in giving parents access to immediate 24/7 to support and guidance by accessing videos that help deal with the symptom’s of colic. You can access it through your smartphone tablet or PC. The virtual colic clinic can be found at . sent me a mug, a choccie stirrer ,a lovely relaxing candle and delicious cookies in exchange for this post. the review is honest an all views are my own.

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