Im cheaper – Morrisons Mum may bank holiday

Last weekend I was chosen to become a morrisons mum.

With everything that’s been going on with bear and the Cheshire husband we had almost forgot it was a bank holiday, But thanks to britmums and morrisons we had a huge reason to smile and enjoy the whole 3 days off.

Time as a family is hard to find to find and there is to better way to spend time as a family than to spend it in the kitchen cooking. since moving home we love our new kitchen as it has enough room to swing 2 yes 2 cats.

We were set the challenge f spending £80 in morrisons as part of there new “I’m cheaper”  promotion. They have cut the prices of thousands of products which we all  use every day and they are staying low which means lots of saving for mums like us. you can check morrisons savings hear – Look out for the yellow markers if it says “i’m cheaper” you know its staying cheaper. im cheaper With bear starting nursery I was able to go shopping by myself which was just amazing. No tears , no mummy I want a chocolate or mummy I need a wee wee half was round the shop – this was bliss.   PicMonkey Collage 3PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage  2 With a busy weekend planned away blog on mosi the weekends food plan was as follows Friday – salmon with roast veg Saturday lunch – bacon and salad sandwich Saturday dinner – Stake sandwich and chips ( Hubby was on his own ) Sunday lunch / brunch – bacon sandwich Sunday dinner – ready meal (as I would be coming back from blog on) Monday – lunch / brunch bacon sandwich Monday dinner BBQ We love having a meal plan and we always stick to it as otherwise we end up spending a fortune of rubbish takeaway food. Hear are a selection of the meals we made and enjoyed IMG_1740

my email  has broken and I cant download any more photos

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