Me and my left ankle

Having had a stroke when I was younger, it gave me lots of problems. Having lax joints is one of them and I’m also hypermobile which means I’m VERY bendy in my wrists and ankles.

My left ankle really is my Achilles & the Bain of my life. My left ankle problems started almost 20 years ago while on holiday in north wales.

I was happily playing a game on a trampoline and my ankle gave way but it felt like a snap- 10 minutes later I had an ankle the size of a small football,  I was sent to hospital plastered up. x-rayed plastered and sent home with no real diagnosis.

After months of physiotherapy pain and discomfort, I was left with a very week left ankle. It gives way on me at given time and  well embarrassment is now a huge part of my life.

For the past 3 years ive had bears pushchair for support which has been amazing – I’ve had a wheeled Zimmer frame . If my ankle did give way i had something to grab on to and aid my fall.

But now that bear is wanting to walk more and more I’ finding it more difficult and fallen over twice whilst walking with bear almost pulling him over in the proses.

I’ve tried to get help from my GP and an orthopaedic dr at the hospital. I’ve had some orthotics that were not really orthotics just a bit on the out side of my shoe, which gave my pain in the arches of my feet. I thought all hope was lost …..

They may have found a solution in the form of an ankle brace which I can wear with my normal shoes. I can wait to have it as i think this may work fingers crossed……..

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