crazyness, relaxation and the daily mail

the past few weeks really have been crazy busy.

It all started a few weeks ago with a trip to navitascentre the lovely Katie who works there treated me to some reki and an Indian head massage , both of which were amazing. (review to come)

Then a few days later I went to London to be photographed for the daily mail. It was a photo shoot about stretch marks  not very glam I know but It was amazing I really was made to look and feel amazing. Both the photographer stylist and hair and make up lady were all lovely. I really did feel like a million pounds. Now I cant see my stretch marks so they don’t really bother me. They are on my back and hips and they came during my teenage years as I grew very fast.


The same week we started potty training , bear was ready for it – just like a light switch ( after months of trying ) and he still doing really well , even waking in the night wanting to go the loo.

Then the daily mail came to our house again to take some more photos – 3 hours of my beautiful face obvs wasn’t enough lol it took another 3 hours to get one photograph !

Then bear had a check up on his heart ( he had an operation in April ) we were very please to announce he’s doing very well and will hopefully be discharged next year. We also dropped of some gifts as a bit of a competition junky I win loads of stuff and thought it would be nice to give something back.

Then it was half term and the joys of a having a toddler in the house on a wet week ! we did manage to get out for a day with bear cousins, we went to the sea life centre Manchester to see the octonaugts.

Then It was back to school and the preschool germs are back with full vengeance  🙁 we are all now ill with coughs and colds and feeling quite yuk.

On Monday it was our 2 year wedding anniversary. We didn’t really celebrate as the past few months have been a little tight moneywise  we got a new kettle and toaster ( using some left over gift vouchers) its something we have needed for while so were both happy.

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