why i love autumn .

I was born at the start of October so I guess that makes me an autumn baby.

I LOVE autumn , the preparation for Christmas ( yes I like to be organised ) and I’ve got all my presents already. The warm blankets walking thought crunchy leaves and the hot chocolate are amongst some of my favourite things.

We also got married in November and I just love autumn. Ever snce I was a teen I always wanted to get married in this season. While all my friends were craving a summer wedding , the thought of the heat and squinting for the photographs just not my cup of tea at all and as it turned out my autumn wedding was just perfect with a ice temp f 14c and sunny all day so yes I also had to squint. In fact our whole wedding had an autumnal theme, from the felt leaves on the table to the wooden love sign at the top of the table.

There were so many wonderful photographs taken on the day, but this one has me in (happy ) tears every time I see it. Bear was 20 months old and still not walking. He really did make the wedding and we nearly didn’t make it to or honeymoon due to having fluid around his heart, he had a check up the week before and the dr’s were amazing. We got married on the sat and the dr’s booked us in for an emergency appointment on the Monday as we flew out on the Wednesday. But we got there and it was an amazing day. I Love the colours of the autumn leaves , depth of the photo and just how happy we all look. I also love the fact the flowers hide my scar – I know its a huge part of me but just for one photo that hides it so my heart condition didn’t define me on my wedding day – if you get my meaning.

Cheshire wife  wedding 10.11.12
Cheshire wife
wedding 10.11.12

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