brandon wagon review

Our little bear still is not keen on walking long distance. Since his heart op in April still gets tired and well so do I lol Bear is nearly 4 and it will soon be time to say goodbye to our buggy for good.  We hardly useit now but it sits in my car just in case. I’m going to miss carrying . The allotment isn’t that far away but its too close for us to take the car – if you get my drift. So our little red wagon has become part of the family in a way – lots of the old folk at the allotment are very envious of our transport. around the kitchen sink with me lol  photo (23)

We were offered a Brandon wagon to review at the start of autumn and we love it ! We used it all the time – when we went on holiday it was a godsend fetching and carrying the kitchen sink ( like we always take) to and from the car. Bear loves his little throne – for when his little legs get tired, we go to a lot of vintage fairs and outdoor events so this will come in very handy as the terrain is always not the best.

The Brandon wagon has also become a huge part of our weekend life’s on our allotment. We live abut 1/2 a mile away from our allotment so we walk but its too close to drive but with all the tools we have to carry, it was becoming a challenge so H had a fab idea and we started to use the wagon to carry the tools.

Our allotment neighbours are slightly envious of our little wagon. Its amazing little wagon that will come in very handy.

I was sent this wagon for review , but all views are my own

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