giving at christmas #mycharitychallenge

SO its that time of year again – Christmas , yes that time of year when you have friends and family around. So we thought It was about time we had a big clear our and I mean big. What do you do with all of your old things ? The baby clothes that don’t fit or the gift set your aunty got you for your birthday – the one you will never use ?
We had boxes and boxes of stuff just lying around up in the loft and well it was time to go.
I’m also guilty of a little charity shopping myself and love finding a good bargain, our local town is full of charity shops.
 photo (20)
Ive had many a beautiful dress from a charity shop and well ive never really thought of buying gifts from  a charity shop and I’m not ashamed to admit it but ive brought a lot of bears toys from charity shops or facebook selling pages.  But a lot of unwanted gift sets end up in charity shops.
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  • Did you know that two thirds of people will never buy Christmas clothes or gifts from a charity shop at Christmas? (Salvation Army research)? 
  • The average person spends £415 on Christmas – if just £5 of this was spent in a charity shop, we could raise £130m for good causes?
  • Spending a little makes a big different – £9 could bring a homeless person in from the cold, while £19 could buy a Christmas box for a family in need, and £28 can help five lonely older people enjoy a proper Christmas lunch and friendship. 

So this Christmas would you consider donating your unwanted items. or buying a gift set from a charity shop ?


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