my best chriestmas yet ?

1512851_878162268872367_1439013954255341726_nMy Christmases as a child were not always the best lots were spent in and around hospitals. My parents didn’t have much spare cash and having two older siblings ( 10 years and 8 years older than me ) the magic of Christmas was almost lost on me. I never got what I asked for and I’m still waiting for my mop top hair shop.

One of my happiest Christmas memories is of my nieces first magical Christmas she was about the same age bear is now were now talking 13 years ago and the magic was back with a boom – every year since Christmas has become  more special each year.

When I met my hubby , he had lost the Christmas spirit completely this sadded me lots and its taken a few years but last year was wonderful magical and he really got in to the swing of things – my parents were heading over for Christmas lunch and bear had ripped open all of his present’s. Just about to put the turkey in the oven I bent over to pick up bear and ping my back went – ambulance called – spent the evening in A and E and we had pizzas for a late Christmas dinner and I spent the rest of the “holiday” sky high on super strong painkillers.

Bears first Christmas holds some special memories – we took bears granddaddy peter to see my parents which was lovely to have as a memory and we got some super cute photos which hang on our walls every year.

This Christmas will be amazing as its the first year bear has asked for anything , bless  he’s not asked for much bless him just blue watch and a camera. Its like he knows daddy has just been landed with a £500 car service bill lol

“Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Little Tikes 12 Days of Christmas competition.”


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