santas coming !

The past 3 weeks have been awful.

Kid germs are my new hell. Every cold that bear gets I seem to get ten times worse. I’ve finally recovered from a 3 week cold and I’ve just not had the energy to blog. Bear has been in nursery for 3 (school ) days a week and I’ve spent most of the time asleep (bad blogger) so I’m really behind with my blog posts.

We managed to get away on a little break to Blackpool for our wedding anniversary but sadly I didn’t enjoy it as I was so ill only managing to walk to the sea front and back to the hotel.

Then last weekend we went to Blithbury Reindeer  lodge which was just magical. Bear had an amazing time feeding the Reindeers, and meeting the BIG man. Bear had fun with daddy but I was still under a pile of tissues. Isn’t it just amazing how much snot a human adult can produce.

So its December the 1st and Santa is coming all Bears presents are brought and just need to be wrapped. The decorations are coming down tonight and I just cant wait. This year is going to be amazing as its the first year he gets Christmas.


My hubbys work do is this Friday and I don’t know what to wear. Do I go glitzy or dress down ?  – its the first time i’ll be meeting my hubbys new work colleges.

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