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As someone who had skin cancer twice looking after bears skin is of the upmost importance as most sun damage is caused when your under 18. So when we go on holiday bear is the one who always comes back as pale as when we arrived.

Been a family of glasses wearers our eyes are important to us too. Both me and the hubby have glasses and sunglasses but as bear usually wears a hat when were out and about. But lately when we have been in the car he has been complaining of not liking the sun on his eyes.

So when the lovely people over at Boots opticians offered us a pair of sunglasses for bear we jumped at the chance. Bear was booked in for an eye test at the local hospital and we went to boots the day after. Bears eye test involves unpleasant drops in his eyes so he didn’t really want to go through that twice. So when we turned up to our local boots store all we had to do was choose some sunglasses. Bear tried on 3 pairs chosen by Maria the dispensing optician. I loved them all but bear choose these bad boys.




Then summer vanished for 4 weeks – been up north has its downsides sometimes or the odd occasion the sun came out we had left them at home ( bad mummy ) So the weekend just gone we finally got to road test them at one of my all time favourite places – Trentham gardens. As you can see they keep his eyes fully protected against the sun. He loves wearing them and even took them to preschool on Monday. We saw the paediatric opthoitrist today and they were very pleased that bear now has sunglasses for the sunny weather.  IMG_4741 IMG_4743

IMG_4727 (2)


Boots also sent me a #summergoodtimes package , full of things to help us enjoy summer. Bear is a keen swimmer so he has really enjoyed the Trunki Paddlepak Pinch Lobster  and the zoggs ball.



Stats and facts from Boots Opticians
· Your eyes are ten times more sensitive to UV damage than your skin, so protecting them both in and out of the water is vitally important.
· All Boots Opticians kids’ glasses and prescription sunglasses come with Boots Protect Ultra tough lenses – which are virtually unbreakable!
· Children’s eyes have larger pupils and clearer lenses so are more susceptible to sun damage – 80% of the eye’s lifetime exposure to UV light is reached before the age of 18.
· Lenses with darker tints don’t necessarily offer more protection as even glasses with clear lenses can offer UV protection. Dark lenses which don’t offer a sufficient level of UV protection can be more damaging because they cause the eye’s pupils to dilate and let in more light.
· Your eyes need protection from the sun all the time, even on cloudy days. Cloud cover only reduces the amount of UV light by 10%.
· In the morning and evening your eyes can also absorb light from reflective surfaces such as white buildings, wet surfaces and smart phones – even when the sun isn’t out. All Boots Opticians lenses have all round protection from UV on both sides of the lens as standard.
· UV rays bounce off glass screens, so remember while the surface of your smart phone may be small, as you are holding it close to your eyes you are increasing your exposure to this reflection.
Boots Opticians
· Boots Opticians has all your holiday eye wear needs covered from eye health checks, prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses with UV protection, to a new range of prescription swimming goggles and diving masks
· Boots Opticians lenses and sunglasses offer a higher level of UV protection to the eye by filtering out harmful UV rays on both sides of the lens – not just the front surface
· All Boots Opticians sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection, offering a higher level of UV protection to the eye by filtering out harmful UV rays on both sides of the lens
· If you wear glasses, all Boots Opticians lenses come with UV protection as standard – providing every day protection from UV for spectacle wearers


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