power banks , life savers ?

Now that we live in a technical world we are constantly living in fear of running out of power. Our iphones , mobiles , tablets and other items all relay on power so what do you do when your out for the day and you see the flash of death , that you only have 20% left and your on a train with no plug sockets ??? stuff of nightmares ay.


Been in contact with loved ones is always important when you have children or if you need a lift at the other end of your journey ?

I was so happy when Power banks offered to send me a power bank. When I placed my order I was asked for an image. I was slightly confused but I went with it and this is the result. A beautiful printed power bank. FullSizeRenderI loved the colour the style and of course my Cheshire wife banner splashed across the power bank .

We have used these so much over the past two weeks, they are just fantastic don’t think I’ve ever received such a useful review item. We will be using these for years to come. They can be reused 500 times which is just fantastic as its not often we will use them.

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