All about me 

This month I’m going to be blogging every day as part of #blogtober 

And today’s topic is all about me 

My name is Emma Ann Hunt, although close friends and family call me Em ( which I’m not a huge fan of but hey I’ve been called worse ) 

My husband and I have been together 8 years and married for 5 years in November. He’s my rock , my everything my sun, moon & stars. We are both very similar despite having very different upbringings. 

Not really much to say about me , I’m a wife  and a stay at home mum to bear & we have our beautiful Maggie our second baby. 

I’m a total soap fan ( when bear is in bed before 7.30 ) I think I love them so much as there often quite funny , it makes my life look amazing. 

I studied sport science and personal training 10 years ago at Bedford university. I worked in a cardiac rehab unit just before I got pregnant with George. 

I have one sister who is 10 years older than me and one brother who is 8 years older than me.  I also have 2 clever nieces and one handsome nephew. 

I’m a shy person who likes to have a few close friends , you won’t catch me crying for attention. In fact I’d rather drink red wine ( yuk ) than stand With the mummy mafia on the school playground. 

4 thoughts on “All about me 

  1. Welcome to #Blogtober17, I can’t stand playground drama, always far too busy to get involved, much easier that way! Can’t wait to find out more about you during October x

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