Why the whales came at the Lowry

Why The Whales Came is a classic Michael Morpurgo children’s book and on Wednesday my 6 year old my husband and I were invited guests of The Lowry to review their first theatre performance by the amazing cast of one – storyteller Danyah Miller. It is aimed at 7-12 year olds but we thought bear would be old enough.

We stayed in Manchester the night before as we watched the Manchester City game. After a morning shopping in town and lunch in CAU in media city my feet were killing me and I was very grateful of a seat. We arrived with only 5 minutes to spare and they were playing battle ships which was a good way to keep the children entertained.

Michael Morpurgo’s well-loved story is that of two children on the isles of Scilly and the scary hermit ‘Birdman’ who lives alone on a small nearby island. Why The Whales Came is set during the First World War and the story takes a sad turn but I won’t spoil the story for you.

Lighting and projection were fantastic and what seemed a relatively simple stage set became every location and There were hidden panels and cupboards everywhere. With projection props and voices loud and quite Different scale allowed for massive scenes and delicate detail to play out. There is even water in this show, with a stormy sea that had. Bear was enthralled and Danyah Miller really brought the story to life with passion and I admit I had a few tears in my eyes. ( so bring tissues )

It’s only an hour long but it’s a wonderful show that’s on until Sunday and tickets are still available for all shows.

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