What a month

November started with a happy day , I’d just been released from hospital my heart was going crazy again , I had a cardiovershion for the second time but this time it wasn’t so pleasant.

We had a fantastic weekend of fireworks & football- bears school class were invited to Stoke City F.C. and we had a fantastic day out

Any ways we had a night away planned in chester for our wedding anniversary and we both love chester it’s our favourite Cheshire City. We had a lovely meal out in a fantastic restaurant lots of food and wine & we even treated ourselves to cocktails afterwards.

Our chester meal

Me and bear then had a blast around our favourite shopping place Cheshire Oaks, they had a designer evening with lots of added discounts. Me and bear love talking and joking in the car , he’s such a happy, handsome boy.

Cheshire oaks B2182EDE-6935-4F8B-A295-5DF407FB321C DCD9E343-0F89-4351-BB5A-06E99CD92603


Then last Wednesday my heart started going fast again ( this ticker of mine loves to go fast ) I was given a shock again sent home on Friday & then it happened again yesterday. I’m not really loving the fact all the nurses on the ward now know me, but hey I guess I’m in the right place.

Poor bear is terrified Mummy’s going to die. We’re trying not to give him a complex about hospitals by saying mummy’s in the right place and the drs are looking after me . I won’t lie I’m scared & terrified what the future will hold. Just like he is I guess.

I’m really hoping they will get me fixed and soon


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