Preparing for the worst

Last year I was in and out of hospital like a yo yo , in one week out the next and well it all got a bit real when I had to have a heart operation. That was at the start of December. Ever since I’ve been taking it easy and not blogging- but I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram, I hope you’ve been enjoying my adventures.

But sadly in the back of my mind and rather strangely under my bed I now have an emergency hospital bag. Packed with all the essentials ( just in case )you know the essential stuff the hubby always forgets , the hair bobbles, the snacks & the water tracker bottle. The one thing my hubby always forgets with our fail is a dressing gown , now I know it may seem a little old fashioned ( as all the little old ladies seemed to have them) but I love a good dressing gown as it’s multi use item , keeps you warm when walking the wards , an extra blanket at night or even an extra pillow in the day.

When I was in hospital in December the lovely people over at sent me over a beautiful nighty and dressing gown.


I love the colour of the nighty it’s so bright and fresh.
And the dressing gown is made from super soft fleece.

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