I want to ride my bicycle ( with the help of a Jaguar car )

I want to ride my bicycle!

I really do but to do that I want a car that can help me.

I’ll tell you why now.  As you know my blog is about me my family and what we get up to and how we all get around, the exploits of bear, Henry and Maggie.  George has just stated to get onto two wheels, albeit at a somewhat later stage as his now 7.5 years old.  He didn’t start walking until 22 months old and we have subsequently learnt that he has hyper-mobility, which means super bendy joints and a lack of rigidity, hence he was slow to walk and do other such activities.

What a difference a week makes, we had one week in lovely Scotland during this last half-term.  We packed up (Maggie included) and headed off to Dumfries and Galloway for a week in a crofter cottage outside Portpatrick overlooking the Irish sea and viewing the night lights of Belfast in an evening.  Henry was determined that George’s abstinence from two wheels was to end on this week, so we loaded the car up and took 16” bike with no stabilisers for good measure.

The current trusted steed is my Volvo XC60 with dog guard from Travall.  I have had the Volvo for the past 2 years and she has served my well, we have had an accident but she is now fully repaired, note to reader a coming together between and XC60 and Land Rover Discovery equals paint swapping and the need for new front wings and a paint job.

We set off on the Saturday with the car fully loaded and the trip computer re-set to 0.  Time wise it took us 5 and half hours with 2 stops for Maggie and bear.  Mileage wise this was 250 miles and an average MPG of 42, Henry was not impressed as this was not exactly brilliant MPG and the fact we paid 144.9 per litre foe Diesel at Lymm services on J20…

To cut a long story short we had a wonderful week in Scotland the weather was 20 degrees plus each day and rest assured Bear was on 2 wheels and can now cycle, albeit in a half-cut drunken style.  Since returning home Bear has dusted off his two wheeled Mirco scooter and is now getting to grips with this also.  So far, this last week he has done this very amicably with the off scrape, 3 fall, both knees cut and elbow grazed plus the need for a new helmet, as he face planted on Saturday!

What next, well, I will be saying farewell to the XC60 later on next year, so I am on the hunt (pardon the pun!) for a new steed.  Henry has always wanted a 2 seater and would love the new Jaguar F-Type as he was on a course with someone who had one when they we first released, ever since then he has been like a teenager with a wet dream about such a car.  This is not helped by The Grand Tour using said vehicle in each show for their two celebrities to race on the Celebrity faceoff.  I must remind him that he is now married, has bear and Maggie and that this is simply not practical.   Since then Jaguar have moved on and added to the range, we now have the Jaguar E-pace , it’s a much more family friendly car & comes with the prestige and sporting pedigree of Jaguar to boot, what is not to like.

All I have to do know is to convert Henry to appreciate that the E-Pace is the sensible option and one that will swallow up all of the family’s needs in one vehicle, even the 2 litre Diesel offer a sub ten second 0-60 time with a combined MPG of 57.6, this should far eclipse the real life MPG of the XC60 we are getting currently  38-42MPG.

If Henry is wanting something with more umph then the P250 S AWD E-pace offers a sweet petrol with 250 BHP that can launch the car to 60 in less than 7 seconds and still return a very respectable 37 to the gallon, this is both quicker and more efficient that his current whip the Nismo RS Nissan Juke!

What has this go to do with riding my bike you may ask, well, I want to ride my newly purchased Pendleton Somersby bike, Bear is pestering us so that he can be on two wheels, bike or scooter, and Henry is (again) trying to lose weight so he has good reason to cycle.

Maggie has 4 legs and is somewhat exempt!  One of our favourite places to visit is New Brighton, we have seen this place develop to what it now is over the past ten years.  One of the best things about this place is the fact it has a huge long flat promenade that is cycle friendly, as yet we have not exploited this.  My dream for next year is to hammer the hell out of this and to make this 40 mile commute whenever possible, the only hitch is that I want to do this in the big cat that is the Jaguar E-pace.

So yes I want to ride my bicycle but I want a Jaguar to do it.

This post is working in collaboration with John Clark jaguar

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