Uk holidays ( with Travall)

Holidays in the uk are simply amazing if and only if you get the right weather. Packing for a uk holiday is such hard work because you literally have to pack the kitchen sink. A suit case , box of food & kitchen stuff , the dog , the dog create , a box of stuff for the dog , toys and games ( uk holidays are usually wet – so a horde of games are needed for the rainy days ) bears bike , helmet the list goes on and on.

So with all this holiday kit our car boot gets very full. A full boot is quite a scary thought if your driving on the motorway it’s even more scary – if we had a crash things in the boot would act like missiles and when your child is in the back of the car … it doesn’t bare thinking about.

With our holiday to Scotland planned The lovely people over at Travall gifted me an amazing dog guard, but it’s way more than that. Of corse it acts as a dog guard too , Maggie’s not keen on the boot she prefers to sit with bear in the back of the car. We we’re very relived in the knowledge that bear and Maggie were safe in the back of the car.

Once we arrived in Scotland we took bear for lots of day trips to the beach and we always had his bike in the boot and it was quite reassuring that he ( and the bike ) were safe.

The beautiful views of Scotland will always stay with us and we felt super safe with our Travall dog guard . The dog guards are amazing and so easy to fit ( it literally only took me 10 minuets to fit ) comes with super clear instructions. They are car specific and are made from laser cut steel which is covered in a powder coating which makes it super strong and scratch resistant.

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