Heading towards the summer holidays

We’re heading towards the school holidays at an alarming pace – 6 whole weeks of I’m board …

The first few days were off to Camp Bestival and we can’t wait the theam this year is super heroes & our outfit are already planned. We’re so excited we had such a good time last year but sadly I didn’t blog about it

We have the local library’s Reading challenge which will hopefully keep bears mind ticking.

Been an only is tough when your 8 but luckily we know some other only children which make it that little bit easier. But still the cost of summer holidays is scary did you know the average family spends £600 in the summer holidays….

But with 2 4 1 vouchers and thrifty savings hopefully it wont be that bad.

We also have lots of days planned out. Alton Towers is one but we’ll have to wait right until the end of the holidays as bear needs to grow about 3cms to go on the big rides . I’ve not been Alton Towers for years as you can see

Also a day out to Black Country museum bear is studying the Victorian era next year, so it’s an educational day out too … shhhhh

Hopefully we’ll manage a day out to Blackpool pleasure beach – again I’ve not been there for years – well we went for a football match a few years ago, but literally had fish and chips went football and came home.

We also have a friends wedding and holiday in Devon ( camping planned ).

What are you plans for the summer holidays ??

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