It’s been a year

It’s been a year since I last wrote a blog post. We’ve had lots going on that I’m not going share because some things you just don’t share.

But I’ve not been well ( heart again ) and new tablets mean I just don’t get a good nights sleep, if you know me you know how much i like my sleep. So not sleeping has turned me into a miserable cow.

We have had some good news though, our extension is going ahead but not until next may 2020. Trying to find a good builder is harder than digging for gold. We started to plan it last year start of 2018 – but the architect took ages to come back with the plans – planning permission & building regs & everything else took a year. Then it’s taken us 6 months to find a builder, we have found one with recommendations from friends. So we’re very happy but they are in high demand ( not a bad thing ) so may next year ….. In my mind I’ve got it all planned out and I can’t wait. I’m window shopping in ikea for kitchens & M&S for furniture.

Our garden is looking beautiful after we had a big BBQ last month- it cost about £150 but it’s been transformed into somewhere I now love to be 🙂

We also went on our first camping trip of the year which was amazing it’s so nice to see bear smiling.

I’ll try not to leave it so long until my next post 🙂

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