About the Cheshire wife

My name is Emma and welcome to my Blog, its my space to write about the tales of me, my husband we have been together for 8 years and been married for nearly 5 years, we have our son “Bear” who is 6. He’s your typical 6 year old cheeky chap who loves playing games ( but hates organised fun ) and is growing to love sport.

Like most mums I’m still trying to work my way through been a mum whilst juggling a heart condition and a huge fear of phones.


I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years but the cheshire wife is my new venture and will be more about the luxuries in life the highs , lows and everything in between of been a Cheshire wife and mum.

Been a modern mum we live on a budget but, I will also write about the little bits of luxury that keep me going , just because we turn in to mums this does not mean we should give up on the things we love right

As a stay at home mum I’m always under a pile of washing/ ironing, ( I don’t know how full time working mums manage it) But I always try to make time for Bear who loves the outdoors but not the mud !




2 thoughts on “About the Cheshire wife

  1. I have come across your blog from north west bloggers, but I am sure we have met in real life at Kelloggs with Brit mums, I think?? Amway I am looking forward to reading. Where abouts in Cheshire are you? We are south Manchester x

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